Strait – 10% ABV

Pure wildflower honey, fermented to semi-sweetness  with floral highlights and a cool, clean finish. No frills or additives, this is pure honey wine. So raise a glass with us and toast to what makes the Great Lakes great!

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Snow Cherries – 10% ABV

Let’s take a trip to the City of Light! Where monuments shine, where statues beam and dreams are illuminated! Share a bottle of cherry mead with hints of cinnamon and vanilla!

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Maple Crisp – 10% ABV – Seasonal

Pure and simple McIntosh apples from northern Michigan combined with late harvest honey and robust maple syrup make for a true Michigan dessert wine.

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Minnehaha Honey Wine

Minnehaha – 10% ABV

“ He named her from the river…
From the waterfall he named her…
Minnehaha, Laughing Water.”

– The Song of Hiawatha by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Honey wine made with clover honey from the land of the Dakotas, with elderberries and herbs native to the land of Hiawatha.

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Mayan Fire Honey Wine

Mayan Fire – 10% ABV – Seasonal

Buried deep in the hidden temples, we discovered this secret recipe:  Honey wheat with blood oranges and infused with a hint of smoky chipotle fire!

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Monarch Honey WineMonarch – 13.5% ABV (2016 Vintage)

Macintosh apples and Monterrey cherries both from northern Michigan, paired with dark-roasted malt and crowned with star anise, nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon; Monarch is our signature top-shelf mead designed to be served either warmed by a roaring fire or chilled as an evening treat!

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Autumn Sunset – 10% ABV – Seasonal

We took the mead recipes from nordic legend and enhanced them. This metheglin mead combines wildflower honey with mulling spices and oranges to create a full citrus body with floral highlights and spicy aroma.

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Hakuna Matata – 10% ABV

We combined South African rooibos tea with Madagascar vanilla beans to create a problem-free recipe! Watch out, this mead may bring out your inner lion!

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